Boxxspring CMS

A CMS for video channels.
  • Interface design
  • User flows
  • Prototyping
  • Web app
  • Mac app
  • Windows app

Boxxspring was born when Bedrocket sought to create a dedicated online hub for our YouTube channels’ followers, but came up short on the search for a platform that met our needs. Instead of compromising, we set out to build our own video-first content management system.


Building a CMS required extensive research and understanding of our users’ needs. We interviewed and iterated with our editors and producers to ensure we built a product that efficiently met their goals.

Atomic Design Process

A solid pattern library was built from the start of this product. The library has grown and evolved as the platform has expanded, but the core atoms and rules have been a consistent guiding principle as we’ve created new features and metaphors.

Source, upload, and edit video

Being video-first doesn’t mean you have to have a camera or a studio. We made Boxxspring suitable for any type of video, whether it's your own creation or curated from somewhere else.

A self-contained editing system from start to finish. Trim video & clip highlights directly in the CMS, and use full-featured text formatting tools to craft a story behind it.

Make content discoverable

A flexible tagging system to organize videos under a common topic, playlist or series.

Special tags allow content to be promoted in featured areas or specifically branded.

Publish where and when you want

Publish to your Boxxspring video channel and to other channels & platforms simultaneously.

Embed videos anywhere on the web with our own video player.

Learning & evolving

As the platform has grown, we’ve learned to build it in a more flexible way to allow clients to use it the way they want. We’ve moved away from too-literal solutions to specific client requests, instead developing features that are flexible to handle multiple tasks & goals.


We built support for freeform articles to allow clients more flexibility in how they communicate. Although the article structure needed to conform to defined fields, I designed the interface for article editing to appear as freeform as possible to encourage a natural writing experience.

Video Analytics

We gave clients the tools to analyze their performance, track patterns and set goals. I designed this interface with the flexibility to show any type of chart, and to be organized to the user's specific needs rather than our assumptions of such.

Native Applications

We built dedicated Windows and Mac applications to facilitate bulk video uploading and offline editing.


One of the most ambitious projects we took on was a subscription ecosystem allowing our clients to charge customers for premium content on their channels. See the full case study.