Boxxspring Themes

Brand your own video channel.
  • Art direction
  • UX design
  • Project management
  • Responsive web app
  • Android app
  • iPhone app

At Bedrocket we started Boxxspring CMS to build custom video channels. The next step was to determine exactly what a channel could look like. While we developed an SDK for anyone to plug and play on their own website, we also designed a library of website themes with a video-first feature set that could be customized to fit client needs.

  • Deliver a cost- and time-efficient solution to launch a channel
  • Provide multiple monetization opportunities
  • Intelligently surface relevant content to increase user retention

The primary audience for these channels generally skews younger, and the majority arrive via Facebook or other social platforms. As both of these factors correlate to shorter sessions and fewer page views, we focused on multiple methods to keep users engaged longer and across more pages.


We did not have access to direct user testing or research, and so relied on analytics data to track user behavior patterns and learn where and how we could improve the experience.

Key Features

All themes are designed with a consistent foundation of features, which are then adapted to suit the nature of each individual theme.