Responsive websites for everyone.
  • UX & UI Design
  • Product management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Responsive web apps
  • iPad CMS app
  • Marketing website

In 2011, the web was in an awkward adolescence.

Smartphones were booming and apps were everything, yet only 10% of websites were mobile-friendly. For those that weren’t, the path to becoming mobile-ready was cryptic and assumed to be either technically complex, expensive, or both.

The issue was especially intimidating for small business owners, who often don’t have a dedicated web developer on hand or a large amount of time and money to work with.

When I and a few colleagues saw an opportunity to fill this need, we decided to build a platform that would allow anyone to build a responsive website, no coding required.

Strategy & concept

  • Create a simple and straightforward interface for building a website
  • Offer responsive, component-based website themes for customers to get their website up and going quickly
  • Small business owners - don’t have a dedicated web developer
  • Recognize the importance of a mobile presence, but lack the resources to develop their own

Customer needs

What does a small business need to effectively communicate with their customers? This question anchored our research and helped us establish the building blocks for our CMS tool and ultimately our themes.

Usage Needs
  • Ease of use - quick setup, easy to update & arrange content, no technical knowledge
  • Responsive by default - automatically generate & serve device-appropriate versions of the site
Communication Needs
  • Communicate their brand & mission
  • Supply information on products & services
  • Provide a point of contact - how, where, and when can they get in touch or visit?
  • Integrate their social accounts to bring all information to one place

Website builder

We established a very intuitive user flow to get our customers started on their site. They begin by choosing a website theme, go right to the home page to start adding content, add additional pages and content, then publish their site.


We designed a series of web themes available to customers seeking an out-of-the-box option to spin up their website. The selection of themes were designed to accommodate the flexibility of our site construction and a range of aesthetic styles appropriate for different types of businesses.

I oversaw the entire process from start to finish for each theme, from creative direction of our in-house design team through to the front-end development by an offshore team.

Marketing website

I lead the design of our product's marketing site, which included the visual design, copywriting, development of sales funnels, and strategy for multiple targeted landing pages to optimize our reach.

On growing a product

I had the opportunity to wear a lot of hats as a co-founder of a startup - product design, marketing, sales, project management. It was great exposure to the process of launching a brand-new company and a product, creating roadmaps, learning how to build iteratively and the intricacies of marketing your own brand.